We will have a small limited supply of kits and consumables for sale or you are welcome to look through the off cuts/recycled freebies.

Yes, it is preferable if you have a project in mind that you bring your own materials to ensure you have what you need to complete your project.Any material you bring in needs to be checked by us on admission to ensure that it is suitable for the tools and equipment we have and it is not on our prohibited material list.

We don’t allow enamels or paint products requiring solvents to clean up.Acrylic and water based paints (anything that cleans up in water) are good.

We don’t allow MDF, treated timber or anything that is potentially hazardous.

We don’t allow metal sheets over 0.6mm thick. We do not have equipment for metalworking. We have hand nibblers and other hand tools for light metalwork for
jewellery and craft applications only.

If it is considered dangerous, toxic or hazardous in any way, please don’t bring it in.

No, we don’t sell tools and equipment.However we are happy to give you details of where our tools and equipment came from if you are interested in getting for any for yourself at home.

You should dress appropriately for the activities you are doing and you must wear enclosed shoes to enter the workshop.If you have your own safety glasses, face mask, hearing protection or gloves then please bring them with you.Otherwise we do have a mixture of disposable and reusable PPE available.You should also bring any consumables and materials you require for your project.

Yes, we have storage tubs for hire that you can put a lock on if you wish to secure your belongings.

We have security cameras placed throughout the workshop to monitor and record activities.A minimum of two staff members are rostered on at a time to enable manning of reception and supervision of customers.

Please use the contact us form to submit any questions you may have.