About Us

Our Story

Hobbymedo is the creation of mother and son team Sharon and Jake Anderson who both live in the Redlands. We are both creative with various hobby interests. The idea of Hobbymedo came about as a result of wanting to try some of the exciting craft projects we have seen on Instructables and You Tube. We found that we didn’t have the right tools and even if we did, we wouldn’t have the space to use them. Even just pulling the sewing machine out of the cupboard and setting it up on the kitchen table to sew a pillow case made us think, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place where we could go to do this.

As well as providing the tools and equipment set up in an air-conditioned workshop, we thought it would make a great social outlet. We envisaged a place where like-minded people could meet, share and form relationships face-to-face. The internet is fantastic, and a great place for online shopping, however it also reduces the amount of personal interactions we have on a day to day basis.

We would like to encourage people to get out of the house and explore their creative side in a supportive environment.

Being a new concept business, the first of its kind in Queensland, we have had to overcome a range of hurdles in getting the business going. We have had to scale down our initial plan and will be expanding as the business develops based on customer demand and feedback. We are starting with a broad but basic range of tools and will build from there. The tools and equipment are hobby grade only, not industrial. The centre is designed for
creating a masterpiece and not for manufacturing.

We are excited about this new venture and hope you are too! We would love to hear what you think about Hobbymedo and any suggestions you have.


Our Vision

Hobbymedo is a hobby activity centre providing workspace, tools, equipment, social interaction, guidance and workshops for hobbyists catering for light woodworking, sewing, embroidery, leatherwork, carving, engraving, sculpting, model making, graphic design, 3D printing, arts and crafts and more.

Our vision is to fine-tune the centre in response to customer feedback and then franchise it so that more people can access a Hobbymedo centre in their local area.


Our Team

Sharon Anderson

Sharon Anderson partnered with her son Jake to start Hobbymedo in February 2017.  Sharon considers herself to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.  She loves all arts, crafts and anything creative.  She will give anything a go and likes to put her own spin on it.  Her favourite projects at the moment are dream catchers, windmills and windsocks.  She loves helping others, learning from others and is a fan of winging it.  She is keen to learn leatherwork, wirework and making whirligigs.

Sharon is rostered on most days and is more than happy to help with your project and work together learning from each other as we go.  Just remember ‘master of none’.  However she is very resourceful, great at coming up with ideas, creative, enjoys working out how to do things, clever at covering up boo-boos so no-one would ever know, and you get the picture.


Jake Anderson

Jake Anderson is the co-founder of Hobbymedo his main talent lies in chain maille but he enjoys trying a variety of different projects such as glass bottle lights and 3D pictures.

You may contact us if you are interested in a one on one tutoring session with Jake. His talents include:

  • making chain maille jump rings from fencing wire
  • chain maille weaves such as the byzantine, helm chain and 4-1
  • basic how to: hot wire styrofoam cutter, 3D printer, drill press, band saw, drop saw, scroll saw, belt sander



Chantelle Norton

Chantelle Norton is a Brisbane based self taught costume maker with 5 years of experience in both fabric and foam based costume making. She graduated from The University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Film and Television Studies and Writing. She currently volunteers as a Wardrobe Assistant at The Brisbane Arts Theatre and makes prop and costume commissions part-time. Chantelle has always been a crafty person with the need to always be working on something. She enjoys teaching others about costume making, sewing, and foam fabricating, and is happy to help anyone with a project.

You may contact us if you are interested in a one on one tutoring session with Chantelle. Her talents include:

  • how to: sewing machine, overlocker/serger, embroidery machine, felting machine, mending and altering
  • basic sewing skills or work through a sewing project together
  • work through a foam project together
  • painting and weathering one on one


Joy Semple

Joy Semple is a self taught jewellery artist who has dabbled in many other forms of arts and crafts.  She is a strong believer in spending time creating beautiful things as a form of relaxation and in the health benefits that come from creative expression and stress relief associated with crafting.  Joy has won many awards at the Mt Gravatt Show for her jewellery works (including Champion of the Show), and also for other handicrafts.  She loves to paint, sew, cross-stitch, knit, crochet, make various forms of jewellery, patchwork and quilt, bake, sculpt, and quite a few other things too.  Joy has lived in the Redlands for several years now, and loves raising her young family here.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith is an Associate Professor from University of Queensland and National Cheng Kung University.  Matt is a mechanical engineer with a unique combination of skills – namely a strong hands-on background with experience in design, manufacturing and production together with more recently acquired skills in analysis, programming, electronics and High Performance Computing (HPC).


Chris Cawley

Chris is a Brisbane based, self taught leather crafter with 2 years experience within the LARP community making armour and leather accessories. Recently starting his own business Ironbark Armoury, making original leatherwork pieces and artistic designs.


Denise McMahon

Denise is a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) enthusiastically teaching this amazing process. The Zentangle Method® was developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. It's all about drawing pre-determined tangles (patterns) in deliberate strokes and sequence, with pens and paper tiles. There's no recognisable object or predisposed expectation.  It's the process that is more important, not the finished product. With qualifications in teaching Visual Art and holding a Master’s in Education, Denise has seen the benefits of the Zentangle® process first hand and really enjoys sharing it with others.