Hobbymedo has been a great adventure and we have met some wonderful people along the way. A lot has happened over the year with a range of workshops and services being introduced. Unfortunately, Hobbymedo is proving difficult to make viable and we have decided not to renew the premises lease next year. Despite the recent increase in activity, demand for our facilities is insufficient to cover operating costs. Sadly this means that our time is coming to an end. If anyone is interested in taking over Hobbymedo please contact us directly. Unless a miracle happens, we will be looking to close in February 2018.

We have updated our current workshop list and suggest that if you have been considering doing any of our workshops, this may be your last opportunity.

We will be closed for the Christmas/New Year break from Wednesday 20th December and re-open on Tuesday 9th January. We will commence our closing down sales in the new year, however we will remain open for business as usual until then. If you have a project that you have been putting off, now is the time to make use of our facilities and get it done.

We are still considering options for Hobbymedo after our lease ends, including continuing to offer services such as 3D printing, embroidery, etc. We thank everyone for their support and hope that you will take the opportunity to attend workshops or use the facilities.